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About video making in cellphones and PC

In this fast-moving world, technology has gained great heights. The development is so big that people cannot live today without it. Right from electricity to cellphones people own today, technology has taken root in every house all over the world. Earlier, when things were not invented, people spent time with their family, playing was considered important to pass time. Now-a-days, after the development of technology to how far it is now, people rarely spend time with their family. They play games or chat or call friends and forget to spend time with their family. Cell phones have caused many relationships to break because of all this. Though cell phones were invented to make communication easier no matter what, the inventions that came behind it, made it worse. Apps were developed for nearly everything. Alarm clocks were replaced, clocks were replaced, calendars were replaced etc. People have gone to the extent of creating videos and movies in cell phones. This has become a way initial set for many people interested in movies and direction. There are number of apps which can be downloaded from the market no matter what the device is, to create and edit videos. They usually have video camera and people can also add video clips if they want to make a movie.

Video editing apps

Video editing apps makes it easier for making movies in cellphones. One can either use the video clips already taken or can also take recent videos and can edit them thus merging all those to form a video film. These video apps also offer editing software with text addition, color correcting, sound effects, music control etc. Any music from the playlist or from the library can also be added to the video film to give it a film effect.


One such video editing apo that is trending now-a-days is the vivavideo app for PC. This app has all the services that were mentioned earlier which can be done in a PC. It also helps users to create beautiful movies by editing together the various video clips in their iPhone or iPad. It provides the in-app video capturing camera for a complete video experience. Now, creating montages with story boarding features is easy with vivavideo app for PC.

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