Technologies we can’t imagine our life without

Our generation is lucky to watch the spectacular speed of technological progress. Most of us were born in the previous century and had gadgets-free childhood, but now we can hardly imagine our life without all those electronic devices. You use them every day, sometimes even paying no attention to the fact how much they simplify our life. We have made a list of top 9 most popular and indispensable technologies and appliances we take for granted.

9) E-mail

In the modern speed of life it’s essential to deliver any information quickly. We got totally used to sending electronic messages using different platforms. An email has become a required item of personal information for any business or registration. Besides, it allows us to attach documents to the letter. Just imagine delivering your photos by snail mail!

8) Camera

Cameras are now parts of almost any gadgets, because photos have become the most popular way of online communication after texting. You can use cameras for earning money, saving memorable moments or just sharing your daily experience with your followers. If you still haven’t got this useful thing, read tips for choosing camera and buy one.

7) Washing machine

This home appliance doesn’t need any advertisement. Every woman owes a great part of her free time to a washing machine.


6) Smartphone

Of course, there are people who need a cell phone only for making calls. Still, most of us use smartphones every day for many purposes. It’s very useful to have a phone book, a messenger, a browser, a camera and a notebook all in one pocket.


5) Internet

The World Wide Web is covering almost all the planet, connecting millions of people and getting access to endless source of information. It is an essential mean of communication around the globe, economic development, education and marketing.


4) Computer

Now there is a PC in every home. Computers are one of the most important working tools that enable us to deal with any virtual data. Currently, with the boom of IT technologies, the field of Artificial Intelligence is the most developed one.


3) Car

Owing a car is a priority for a lot of us. It is essential when living both in a metropolis and in the countryside. Cars have become symbols of status and even a whole lifestyle. Though, they can be quite expensive, many people know how to buy a used car and save lots of money.

2) Clock

Time is money. It totally determines our life, as we depend on its flow. The invention of a time-counting mechanism can be considered one of the greatest in the human history.


1) Electricity

Coming to the top, we shouldn’t forget that almost no of our devices would work without electricity. If it suddenly goes off, the work of a whole city can stop. All offices, factories and many means of transport use electricity. Let alone street and traffic lights! What would you do if you couldn’t charge your smartphone?


Concert Electrical Setup

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Email the shows production team a Show Power Electrical Checklist, a minimum of a week prior to they show up. This will ensure all parties are mindful and have actually confirmed what power is readily available for the program. The most essential metrics on the list are the amperes or amps (an unit for measuring the rate at which electric existing circulations) and variety of connections offered. Remember the start-up amps (the electrical existing had to get a device as much as operating speed), might be higher than the normal running amps (the electrical present had to preserve a gadget at running speed); so take this into mindful factor to consider, or you might discover yourself tripping breakers when trying to begin a piece of devices, despite the fact that the regular running amps might be within your threshold. A guideline: try and keep the regular running amplifiers at seventy five percent of your overall capability.

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